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Terms & Conditions

ZavaTrade clearly states for its customers that trading all types of financial instruments as forex, binary options or everything else have very high risks associated. The following Terms and Conditions must be read, understood and accepted, even if professional advisory is needed, before subscribing to any of the offered services in our website

Our Terms & Conditions does include all pages you’ll see in the menu.


ZavaTrade through its services offers its customers the chance to increase the understanding they have about the nature and development of financial markets, and cannot in any circumstances be regarded as financial advisory. Those services included but are not limited to written trading signals, periodical market reviews, broadcasting of charts, webinars and other educational tools.

ZavaTrade states for its customers that written trading signals are only constitute an indication of a trading scenario where statistical analysis indicates a higher winning probability; and we assume that they can not be followed without further analysis.

ZavaTrade, its representatives and providers clearly states that responsibilities on damages due to trading the provided written signals cannot be claimed by its customers.

Trading experience depends on traders abilities such as education, emotional self-restriction and training, so ZavaTrade customers must be aware that success on their performance may be subject to elements as market conditions, working hours applied for trading, the number of tradable pairs made available by the respective broker, internet and other technical functioning, price execution, among others.

Risk Management

ZavaTrade suggests to its customers to be aware of their investment availability, the associated risks and their potential emotional consequences before deciding the use of our services. Customers must not invest money that they cannot afford to lose.

ZavaTrade can provide recommendations on risk management to its customers, but this does not mean in any case that ZavaTrade must provide them or any type of financial advisory service. Risk management is a customer responsibility.

All information provided in the risk management frame must be understood as courtesy, so ZavaTrade, its representatives and providers cannot be claimed on any liability for damages unless they’ve explicitely taken the responsibility.

Information provided by third parties

ZavaTrade could use for advertisement purposes any trading results performed by any market analyst on a case study.

ZavaTrade informs its customers that previous results do not indicate how future results are going to be. Customers of ZavaTrade must already know that individual performance can be severely affected by many different elements. ZavaTrade, its representatives and providers clearly states that any liability for damages resulting from reliance on any marketing campaign will not be taken. Customers must look for professional and independent advisory if they need it before purchasing any of our services.

ZavaTrade state for its customers that any registered user agrees with the divulgation of their trading results for marketing purposes. ZavaTrade, its representatives and providers will not take any responsibility on damages resulting from reliance on data accuracy when this data comes from customers and/or expectations of having similar results.

ZavaTrade do not recommend investing via binary options or any other financial instrument, and only shares information to enrich the analysis. ZavaTrade, its representatives and providers will not take responsibilities for damages caused by sharing that information. 

Subscription and cancellation

Customers can subscribe on the website only using PayPal, Skrill & Neteller, which fees must be paid on monthly basis or with one-time payment. Customers can cancel their contract without prior notice to ZavaTrade, but if cancellation is made out of time, will lead to the payment of an additional month, without the possibility for the customer to claim any subscription when it happened.

Non-refund policy

ZavaTrade exclude total or partial refund possibility under any circumstance, so customers must explicitly agree on not claiming anything before select a payment method in order to pay the fees. There is no refund available for the services since there is a free trial period.

When a customer accepts these Terms and Conditions explicitly recognise that ZavaTrade provide him or her with a service, and dissatisfaction with it is not a valid reason to obtain a reimbursement of the paid fees. Other reasons that will be automatically excluded are: (a) related to the risk management lines and the unsuccessful results; (b) undiligent follow-up of the written signals and/or of the price levels provided live by ZavaTrade; (c) disagreement respect to the relation success rate reached/written signals provided on the Table; (d) dissatisfaction with the broker, even if this broker was recommended on our website, and including his performance on the trading platform and/or the refusal of withdrawal requests by the customer; (e) late cancellation of the subscription before starting a new billing cycle, as this is a responsibility exclusively of the buyer and not doing it will result in an automatic continuation of the service.

When any technical failure of the Site leads to an unfortunate trading performance for the customers, ZavaTrade could extend discretionally the paid license for a reasonable time period after a request made by the unsatisfied customer.

Customer support

Our website offers a service for the management of the personal account, but this service must not be understood as a financial or trading advisory service. ZavaTrade, its representatives and providers clearly states that any liability for damages due to the interactions with personal account managers or provided by our agents or employees it is not our responsibility. ZavaTrade could add or change personal account representatives and agents at any time without prior notice. ZavaTrade personal account managers could use aliases, and their identification information could be altered or controlled.

Satisfaction Guarantee

(i) No Guarantees of profit: There are no guarantees of profit nor of avoiding losses when trading in binary options or Forex. You have received no such guarantees from ZavaTrade or from any of its representatives. You aware of the risks inherent in trading in binary options and you are financially able to bear such risks and withstand any losses incurred.

(ii) But, if during a period of month subscription the success rate of signals is less than 70% we commit to make special discount in next subscription payment. You only need to contact us ( and send your account details, and specify what the success rate has detected in the period of this month subscription.

We will process your request within 5 business days after we've received the email. Unfortunately, we can't refund money due our policy, but we can offer a special discount for the next monthly payment or similar offer.


When ZavaTrade provides information regarding the brokers is in good faith and only must be intended as courtesy, because ZavaTrade is not responsible for the services they provide to its customers and will remain neutral in case of disagreements that may come between the parties.

ZavaTrade will not take responsibility regarding the legality of the services and/or information provided by brokers, so any damage resulting from any dishonest, unethical and/or criminal practice by any broker are off ZavaTrade liability. These practices include price manipulation, denial of withdrawal requests, or any other incorrect behavior.

ZavaTrade will never recommend a broker who are not Regulated or at leat have made 1 succesfull withdrawal from.

Automatic Trading Systems

ZavaTrade offer a possibility to use Autotrading platforms to copy same signals that we send to the website. ZavaTrade is not responsible for any malfunctions, differences in results, possible delays or variations in the price of each broker. The Autotrading system is just a tool to execute orders when these are executed in our system. The user is responsible for the correct configuration and running. Any loss on users account cannot be the responsibility of ZavaTrade, is only responsibility of each user that have been running the system. The automatic trading needs to be able to face possible losses to generate a long-term benefit. ZavaTrade only recommend copying HIGH signals to achieve stable profit and see your account grown steadily.

Malfunction and Third Parties

ZavaTrade informs to its customers that many interrelated systems such as hardware, software, telephone, cable, and power generation, are involved in online trading activities, so they’re subject to failures or malfunctioning which impacts the performance of our services.

ZavaTrade keeps the rights to outsource the technical facilities to third parties including those related to the trading platform required to run automated systems, prices provision and/or any other software to allow manual trading replication.

ZavaTrade, its representatives and providers will not take responsibilities on any liability for damages resulting from the malfunctioning of internet, computing systems, softwares, trading platforms and/or any technical facility, either operated by ZavaTrade or outsourced onto third parties.

Special promotional conditions

When ZavaTrade launch public promotions and/or benefits in order to increase their customers, existing customers can request the extension of those special new conditions. ZavaTrade is free to decide if the extension can be applied. Either when the request is not made or it’s rejected to existing customers, there won’t be any sort of compensation.

Additional risks

This TERMS AND CONDITIONS and RISK DISCLOSURE may not include all the risks and other elements that may be present on financial trading and investments.