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Getting Started

Welcome to ZavaTrade. Please read everything on this side before you go on.

Whether you are completely new to trading or experienced it is always good to know your way around the website and how we trade.

If you need any help don't hesitate to contact our support

Our Sessions

Asia Session.
Type: Binary Options
Expiry time, usually 5 minutes. 

London Session.
Type: Binary Options
Expiry times, usually between 30 min - 1 hour.

New York Session.
Type: Binary Options
Expiry times, usually between 30 min - 1 hour.

News Session.
Type: Binary Options
Expiry times: News Impact Trades

Forex Session.
Type: Forex.
Trades: Scalps & Intradays

This is how a Signal looks like.

EXPIRY:      15:00GMT(+00)
SR-NEAR:   1.31365

How To Trade

Make Sure your broker uses GMT+0

Setup the given pair (EUR/USD for eg.) And select time and aim for strike rate given.

Mark the strike rate level. You can do that by using MT4 or IQ Options

Aim for the same or nearest strike rate given.

Price might react before hitting SR (conditional) 5-10 micropips is considered - Near.

You can wait for the Signal Provider to say ‘’In @ 1.11365’’ Before you place your trade.

Should you miss out on an entry, please do not chase price. 

Either wait for price to retest SR or wait for next signal.

Never chase a price, in most cases it will turn out negative for you. 

Invest carefully. We are not allowed to recommend a trade size but we trade anywhere between 1-5% it is optional for you to pick a trade size higher or lower. 

How To Order A Session

Once you have created your account you have two kinds of profiles. A Membership Area & A Social Profile

Your Membership Area will be for managing information such as Transactions, orders, gifts, Expiry of sessions and renewal of sessions. Your Social Profile is your public figure profile for the Forum

Until November 21st 2017, everyone will have ''All Access'' for free upon registration.

What this means is that you do not have to order any sessions before that date.
To order sessions go to the menu. - My Account - Order Sessions

Once you have ordered a session you shall have access to it immediately and can begin taking our signals

ATTENTION - Every session are on Telegram until our mobile & computer Windows applications are done, visit and look for pinned post. Every session are still being ordered on the website - ATTENTION

Accessing Your Sessions

In the menu to the left, you'll see ''My Sessions'' Which contains all the sessions that are available to you.

Every session will be hosted on our website in closed rooms. Please look at our Schedule for when the sessions begin. You will also get notified on Telegram in our Channel for when the sessions is about to start. ZavaTrade

Don't forget to also join our chat room ZavaTrade - Chat as well.

We wil notify you when every session begin. However, Forex  session are an ''ALL DAY'' event. Since we don't know what time of the day a proper Forex signal occurs, they will be posted at a random time. Therefore we will notify you on Telegram when we are preparing Forex signals.

Why We Don't Use Telegram For Signals

Making the decision not to use Telegram as a Signal Service was very tough.

We have a room for each session, that you will have access to per automatically, once you have signed up and ordered the desired session. Its an auto process both; Transaction and Access.

Using Telegram would make the process manual and we would have to accept every transaction manually and add members to the rooms and remove members from rooms as well. Plus we offer ''1 Week Payments'' it would be too much work to add and remove members from a room every single week.

Session Hours


Asia: 01.00 AM - 03.00 AM
London: 08.00 AM - 12.00 PM
NY: 02.00 PM - 06.00 PM
News: Alle Day Session
Forex: All Day Session

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